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The practical application of prevention measures at workplace level is well described in many case studies published by enterprises themselves, public institutions and authorities, industrial associations and trade unions. These institutions have gathered together such case studies and published them in varying levels of detail and formats. Some are short success stories, others cover in detail aspects of risk reduction, as well as technological and financial aspects of the practical solutions in question. Even life cycle considerations are described (i.e. addressing the risks posed by dangerous substances during their whole life cycle, from raw material to waste). Formats vary from easy-to-read two-page information sheets to extensive technical descriptions. Supporting videos are an emerging format, and increasingly publications are available in more than one language.

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Exova is an international consulting company with a testing laboratory. Exova's main working area is material testing including nanomaterials for the aviation industry. Physical and mechanical properties (e.g. material strength, weight and wear resistance) of the nanomodified materials are...See more

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